Meet the Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs and Outdoor Living Crew!

Here is your chance to get a quick introduction to the fantastic team at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and Outdoor Living. This crew is the hardest working team in hot tubs! We asked each one to create an introduction so you can learn about them in their own words.

Tim Young – Store Manager

Tim Young - Store Manager 949-432-9330 ext 1101

Tim Young is the Manager of the Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and Outdoor Living showroom. Tim is a customer-centric professional with career experience split between the entertainment and hospitality industries. His life path is rich and diverse. He is passionate about delivering great client education and comfort, as the former tends to flow to the latter. Cheers!

Marita Reyes – Bookkeeper

Marita Reyes- Bookkeeper 949-432-9330 ext 1102

I am the bean-counter here at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs & Outdoor Living. I handle all accounting and invoicing. If any of our clients have questions about their invoice or payment, I am the gal to go to. In my spare time, I am a bit geeky and play strategic online games on my iPad. I also do volunteer work in my community as well as socializing within the community. I like to hike the local trails, walk in my neighborhood. I do enjoy life and believe in balanced living which this company gives us.

Christian Shubin- Sr. Sales Associate

Christian Shubin- Sr. Sales Associate 949-432-9330 ext 1110

Hello, my name is Christian. I have navigated through the hot tub and spa industry, so you don’t have to. I love working for Jacuzzi® because combining everything I’ve learned in this business and making people feel comfortable in their backyards makes me feel good about what I do every day. I can help you with every situation that comes up during your shopping experience.

  • Help you choose the right spa for your needs
  • Guide your backyard plans
  • Get you all the information needed in a complicated market
  • Speak common sense and not hot tub jargon

I would love to opportunity to earn your business. Please feel free to reach out directly to make your backyard dreams a reality.

Matt Takemura

Matt Takemura

Matt is the newest member of the Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and Outdoor Living team. Matt has a long history of providing excellent customer service for maintenance and repairs. His most recent position before joining our team was with the Irvine Company. Matt brings a passion for doing the job right and being incredibly friendly. If you see him driving around your neighborhood in the blue Jacuzzi® van, honk and say hi!

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