Backyard Accessories Every Hot Tub Owner Needs

Just when you thought the hot tub features of your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub couldn’t get any better, you discovered an array of accessories to complete your backyard installation. Functional and stylish, our experts at Jacuzzi Outdoor Living have compiled a list of the most sought-after and must-have accessories for outdoor hot tub owners.

Cover & Lifter

These two hot tub accessories go hand-in-hand and are often bought during the initial spa purchase. Covers can help regulate and retain heat, keeping operational costs down, while keeping unsupervised children, wildlife, and intruders out of the spa. Not only that, but a cover can also reduce the number of contaminants that enter the water to keep it clean, including rainwater, dirt, debris, and insects.

Cover lifters are a hot tub part that is exactly as it sounds; they help you to lift the cover. In one swift motion, you can lift the cover and secure it in an upright position or bring it back down to close the spa. These handy hot tub parts help to reduce the strain from your body that would otherwise happen when trying to open and close the spa manually.

Spa Steps

Access your spa quickly and safely with the help from a set of spa stairs. Similar to the hot tub covers, spa steps can be purchased in a color and style that matches both the cabinetry of your hot tub and elements of your backyard. Equipped with anti-slip gripping material and a mini storage compartment underneath, spa steps can add safety, functionality and style to just about any backyard.

Potted Plants

Add bursts of color throughout your backyard with potted plants. Whether you add flowers, greenery or a combination of the two, by planting them in pots you have the ability to move them around freely as you see fit. Not to mention that you can play around with a variation in pots as well.

Exterior Lighting

Illuminate your hot tub installation and backyard in its entirety with exterior lighting! Install lights directly into your fence posts, dig them into the ground to highlight flower gardens, pathways, and your spa, or simply hang string lighting. This simple, yet essential, backyard accessory can help illuminate the features of your backyard to create an ambiance while improving safety and functionality at the same time.

The Finishing Touches

Now that the other features and accessories have been added to your backyard, it’s time for the finishing touches! Why not consider adding…

  • Outdoor candles
  • Flower vases
  • Decorative pillows
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Umbrella
  • Condiments caddy
  • Towel rack
  • Storage compartment

How will you accessorize your hot tub installation?

Hot Tub Accessories in Mission Viejo

Are you looking for energy-efficient hot tubs? Or perhaps you’re already the proud owner of a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub and you want to accessorize it perfectly? No matter your needs, our team of backyard leisure experts are here to help! Simply visit our Mission Viejo hot tub store today to get started.

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