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What is the Price of a Hot Tub?

What is the Price of a Hot Tub?

Here at Jacuzzi ®Hot Tubs and Outdoor Living, we field a ton of phone calls and email inquiries about the cost of hot tubs. We thought it would be helpful to break down the different price points in the industry and let you know what to expect when shopping.

Up to $2,999:

This is the beginning price point for hot tubs that are typically sold by a retailer. Yes, you can get a hot tub for less, but usually they are only available online. The $2,999 price point hot tubs are usually a rotational molded spa. This means they are all plastic, lightweight and have few color choices. These units are plug and play meaning they can be set on your patio and plugged into a standard 110-volt outlet. While these hot tubs are inexpensive and easy to install, they usually lack any massage performance or water maintenance features. Also, they are not able to keep the water warm while you are using it. In the end, they are a bucket of hot water to sit and enjoy with family and friends.

$3,000 - $5,999

This next category is what I call the most popular category in the industry. Most people who come into Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and Outdoor Living, believe that ALL hot tubs are in this range. These people are often shocked that hot tubs cost more than this. The main reason is the $5,000 price point is what is most advertised online and in print advertising. The most popular place you will see a $5,000 hot tub is at big box retailers. A $3-5,000 hot tub usually has a two-pump option and will run on 220 volts. You will need an electrician to install. (See our article on Installation costs by clicking here.) These spas are capable of seating a family of four more comfortably and will have a few more jets than a less expensive hot tub. Typically, the warranty coverage may be better depending on the brand and retailer your purchase from. The jet performance, water care and energy efficiency are not as strong as spas that are in higher price pints.

$6,000 - 10,999

A longer warranty, better jet performance and easier maintenance are just some of the advantages you receive in this price category. The selection of spa models increases in this category as most major hot tub brands have models that hit this price point. You will begin to see better looking spas as design begins to play a part at this price range. The lighting changes from high intensity pin lights that create a disco effect to a more sophisticated lighting package that create a glow and ambiance. In addition, the energy efficiency increases due to better shell construction and increased amounts of insulation. All in all, this is the beginning of the differentiation between the major brands in the industry.

$11,000 - $15,999

This price category is where you will find the best features that a hot tub manufacture offers. You will see supplementary sanitizers that make maintain your water easier. You will also see bigger and more efficient filtration, reducing the amount of work you have to do with the spa. It’s at this price point you see major design changes. You are no longer looking at a box in the back yard, but a nice piece high quality furniture that works with your landscaping and backyard design. In addition, you being to see the differentiation in jet performance by each manufacture offering unique and innovative jet choices.

The dealers and retailers that offer hot tubs in this price point make customer service a priority. Hot Tubs sold in these showrooms are usually delivered by an in-house delivery team. Also, your new owner orientation is done at the home versus having to come back to the store since the retailers understand what good customer service look like.

$16,000 - $20,000

This price category is the Premium Price Point. In this area there are only a few hot tub manufacturers and retailers. At this level you can expect only the highest quality products. Stunning design, with the most advanced water care. The hot tubs come close to taking care of themselves. The massage that is in this price point is the best that is offered. With strategic jet placement and several types of massage. These spas are the best in all aspect and have become a status symbol amongst hot tub aficionados.

Here at Jacuzzi® Outdoor Living, we have a hot tub that hits every category listed above. The great thing is that they are all Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs so you know the quality of product is consistent regardless of the model you purchase. To look at our entire collection please click here. If you wish to reach out and discuss these options in person contact the person who gave you this article or click here.

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