Best 4 Tips For Safely Using Your Hot Tub During COVID-19

As we have adjusted t our new normal, one question keeps coming up. Are hot tubs safe to use during the COVID-19 Outbreak? The answer is yes!

The CDC has stated the use of swimming pools and hot tubs. Since hot tubs run at elevated temperatures and have active sanitizers in the water that kills the virus, a hot tub is a great place to hang out while living in this quarantine lifestyle.

With this in mind, we wanted to give a few pointers on how you can keep your hot tub area safe during this COVID-19 outbreak.

With this in mind, we wanted to give a few pointers on how you can keep your hot tub area safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

4 Tips To Be Safe In Your Hot Tub During The COVID-19 Outbreak

be safe in hot tub during covid

  1. If you are feeling sick, do not go into the hot tub.
  2. Monitor sanitizer levels in your hot tub. Keep your chlorine or bromine level in the acceptable range. The use of auxiliary oxidizers and sanitizers such as ozone and UV technology are also highly recommended to keep your water clean.
  3. Wash your towels in hot water as soon as you are finished using the hot tub. Clean and sanitized towels will prevent the spread of the virus. Don’t share towels with others.
  4. If you have a maintenance person who stops by once per week, make sure to test the water during the week to ensure you have the correct sanitizer levels in your hot tub.

We are hopeful this information eliminates any concerns you have about using your existing hot tub or about shopping for a new hot tub. As always, we want to be the first to bring your reliable information about shopping for using a hot tub.

A Staycation is becoming the new trend in the industry right now as many people are canceling their travel plans and looking for ways to enhance their backyard space. Having a hot tub is high on many Staycation lists.

If you need more information about hot tubs in Orange County California, feel free to go to our learning center and read other articles about hot tub ownership.

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