5 Signs Your Hot Tub Needs Service or Repair

When you purchase a high-quality spa like a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub, problems should be few and far between if you stick to a proper maintenance schedule.

If you fall off of the recommended cleaning and maintenance schedule, or if you have an old model, problems are inevitable.

Let’s take a look at the top five signs your spa needs a professional repair.

1. Odorous Hot Tub Water

While it’s normal for a hot tub to have a bit of a chemical smell from the products used to clean the water, there should never be an actual odor. If your water is rank, it’s likely a sign the water isn’t circulating properly or is contaminated.

A clogged filter, drain, or pump can also cause water to stagnate. In this situation, a certified hot tub technician is needed to assess the cause of the problem.

Once properly diagnosed, he or she will be able to fix it for you so you can get back to using your spa.

2. Dirty or Unappealing Water

If the water in your spa is green or, even worse, black, you’ll know there’s definitely a problem. Algae build-up can cause the water to turn green while contamination is the likely cause of dark water.

If you’re unable to clean the water by balancing, sanitizing, and shocking it, then you’ll know there’s corrosion inside the pipes or another serious problem.

This isn’t an issue that can be solved without the help of a professional. Be sure everyone stays out of the hot tub until a technician gives you the green light.

3. Cold Water with Little Circulation

If your hot tub’s water is failing to heat properly, it’s pretty hard to enjoy your spa time. This is a serious problem, likely with the spa’s control panel.

And that definitely makes it a job for a professional technician.

4. Water Leaks

If your water level is low, a leak may be the culprit. Even a tiny crack can cause a big problem and, unfortunately, they are incredibly hard to find.

If you believe your hot tub is leaking, it’s best to schedule a repair. A technician is best equipped to find the source of the problem.

5. Faulty Jets

If your jets are malfunctioning, you may need a professional’s touch to get them working properly.

Before making that call, check your spa’s water level. If it’s not high enough, that can affect jet function. While you’re at it, check to make sure the drain is covered and no water is escaping.

If neither of these is a problem, it could be that the jets are clogged. If it’s minor, you may be able to deal with it on your own.

If the clog is severe or there’s an issue with your spa’s pump, valves, or control panel, it’s time to call for a professional repair.

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