J-16 PowerPro®

Jacuzzi® Swim Spa

Make stress relief and relaxation a top priority in your future. The next time you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or that you simply need some time to yourself to rest and rejuvenate, consider soaking in your J-16 PowerPro Jacuzzi® Swim Spa. Equipped with multiple ergonomic seats and a variety of strategically-placed hydrotherapy jets, your swim spa can provide the perfect environment to recharge. Whether you soak alone, with a friend or with a group of loved ones, this large swim spa can accommodate with ease. If you find that exercise is the perfect solution to helping you ease stress and live a healthier lifestyle, your Jacuzzi® Swim Spa can offer that to you as well. The choice is all yours!

Jacuzzi Swim Spa PowerPro 16

Seating Capacity

4 People


472 cm x 236 cm x 135 cm / 186" x 93 " x 53"



Spa Volume

2,010 gal
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The J-16 PowerPro® Specifications
Seating Capacity: 4
Dimensions: 472 cm x 236 cm x 135 cm / 186" x 93 " x 53"
Spa Volume: 2,010 gal
Filled Weight: 19,394 lbs / 8,800 kg
Dry Weight: 2,560 lbs
Collection: PowerPro®

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