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Jacuzzi® Swim Spas are recognized around the world for quality and innovation. This leading brand is synonymous with innovation, as advanced technology is incorporated into each and every spa. Every Jacuzzi® Swim Spa model is crafted with materials built with longevity in mind and designed for a user-friendly experience. Equipped with a range of industry-leading features, you can sit back and relax as the hydrotherapy jets ease tension, ergonomic seats support your body, and smart water filtration keeps the spa operating efficiently. Whether you choose to relax and rejuvenate, exercise, or spend time with family and friends, there is a Jacuzzi® Swim Spa that is perfect for your lifestyle.

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Jacuzzi Swim Spa PowerPro 19
J-19 PowerPro®
Jacuzzi Swim Spa PowerActive 19
J-19 PowerActive™
Jacuzzi Swim Spa PowerActive 16
J-16 PowerActive™
Jacuzzi Swim Spa PowerPro 16
J-16 PowerPro®

Why Swim Spas?

Is it time to bring home a swim spa? After you’ve found the best swim spa for your lifestyle, you can start to experience the many life-changing benefits. From an improved backyard space to better overall health, your swim spa can make a lasting impact in many enjoyable ways.

The benefits of swim spas can include:

  • Improved home value and appeal
  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Boost in your overall health and wellness
  • More versatile and functional backyard
Self-Care with Hydropool swim spas exercise in pool
PowerActive Swim Spa by Jacuzzi

How Swim Spas Can Help

Using a swim spa on a regular basis can help to improve your health and wellness in many ways. First, whole-body relaxation and rejuvenation is made possible by hydrotherapy. The combination of heat, buoyancy and massage creates the perfect environment for your body to relax, ease muscle tension and heal.

The second way that using a swim spa can help to improve your health long term is through water-based exercise. The buoyancy and heat within your swim spa can create a more comfortable and low-impact environment for exercise, while the water provides added resistance for your body to work against – resulting in a more effective workout.