How Much Does It Cost to Install a Hot Tub?

Great question! We get this question all the time from consumers at Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs and Outdoor Living. Perhaps you have called a retailer in the past asking this question and received a very vague answer. Most retailers will say “It depends, there are too many variables to give you a price.” While there is some truth to the fact that there are variables. When you are trying to determine if you should go down the path of hot tub ownership, you want to know.

Here is the truth. Let’s break it down by service.

Electrical – all hot tubs run on electricity. We need to get power to that beautiful location that overlooks the ocean or sits on a hill overlooking a valley. Depending on the length of run from your main panel at your house to the hot tub location, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500. Before you freak out, electrical work is not easy, and it is not fast work. It is a demanding job for two to three people to work at your place all day digging trenches, climbing ladders, and doing the job correctly. Everyone knows someone who has an uncle or brother who can do it cheaper. Don’t do it! Using a cheap brother in law or uncle usually means it will not be done correctly. We have multiple stories of this scenario going bad. After all, you wouldn’t go to a surgeon who uses a rusty butter knife, would you? That’s what cutting corners on your electrical installation are like.

Concrete Pad/Foundation – Most hot tubs need to set on a foundation of some kind. Having a proper foundation eliminates the possibility of the hot tub settling out of level or stressing the structure. Some hot tub manufactures have requirements for foundations in order for the warranty coverage to be valid. A basic 8’ x 8’ concrete pad in Orange County will run you around $3,000-$5,000 depending on logistics and the amount of material removal is required. Pricing on concrete pads varies wildly depending on who you talk to. One thing we have realized is that inexpensive contractors are the hardest to get ahold of if you have an issue during or after the project. One alternative to a concrete pad is to install a Spa Pad™ or similar synthetic pad that will support the weight of a hot tub. The cost is less but they are harder to integrate into a back-yard design. You can usually save about 50% on a synthetic base for your hot tub.

Crane delivery – Most hot tub retailers include installation in their base price. However, here in Orange County, access to the back yard can be quite difficult. More times than not, the gates are not wide enough to get the hot tub in the backyard. Enter the Crane costs.

Crane companies have two variables they use to determine costs. The weight of the hot tub and the length of the reach. That is how far from where a crane can park is the distance to where the hot tub will be located. The longer the reach the more it costs. Based on our experience in Orange County the going rate for crane service is between $800 and $1,500. Customers have paid up to $2,500 to get a hot tub placed. Once in a while, customers have also had $500 quick jobs where the hot tub just needs to go over a fence.

As was mentioned earlier, you can spend a lot more on your hot tub installation. It depends on how elaborate your installation is going to be. Regardless of what hot tub you choose, do not skimp on the basics.

Need help with your installation? We happen to have a good source of electrical and construction companies that are used to working with us and know what a customer requires. Click here to get in touch or come into the store. We are happy to help you out.

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