6 Best Hot Tub Accessories To Gift This Holiday Season

Do you want to treat the hot tub owner in your life this holiday season?

We have some great ideas that can help inspire you. From fun and enjoyable hot tub accessories to ones focused on function and operation, keep reading for a full list of some must-have hot tub accessories this holiday season.

We promise, the hot tub owner in your life will thank you.

Top 6 Best Hot Tub Accessories You Can Gift To Hot Tub Owners

1. Spa Aromatherapy

Spa-friendly aromatherapy products might be exactly what the hot tub owner in your life needs. Although hot tubs are all about relaxation, the addition of these spa-friendly fragrances can help to maximize the time spent in the water.

Aromatherapy has been shown to help improve sleep patterns, reduce stress and even improve mood. For a wide selection of spa-friendly aromatherapy products, visit Jacuzzi Outdoor Living today.

2. Waterproof Games

Take the fun and enjoyment of a hot tub to the next level with waterproof cards. Your friend or family members can enjoy classic games like Go Fish, War and Old Maid, all from the comfort of their hot tub.

3. Cover Lifter

Does your loved one struggle to lift and lower their hot tub cover? The addition of a hot tub cover lifter may be exactly what they need. This hot tub part is easily attached to most covers and hot tubs and can make the overall operation much easier.

The next time you are visiting their home, take a picture of their cover and hot tub. Bring the pictures into our hot tub store, and one of our experts will help you find the right cover lifter for them.

4. Potted Plants

What better way to bring a pop of color to a hot tub installation, than potted plants? Find the right plant or plants for your climate, then place them in a pot that your loved one will enjoy. Keep it simple with a white or brown pot, or jazz it up with bright colors or patterns.

Two great choices include ferns and hostas.

5. Wooden Sign

Wooden signs seem to be all the rage these days! Why not extend the indoors to the great outdoors, with a customized wooden sign for the hot tub?

You might be able to find the perfect one for your friend or family member at your local department store or hot tub store. Alternatively, you can always make it yourself! Visit your local craft store for a wooden sign, stencils and paint.

Quotes that may inspire you can include:

  • “Sip, Soak, Repeat!”
  • “Our Hot Tub”
  • “Welcome to the Party”

Which quote will you use for your wooden hot tub sign?

6. Twinkle Lights

There is truly no better way to bring illumination to a hot tub installation than twinkle lights. Many twinkle lights can be used outside, so you don’t need to worry about taking them down before it rains.

Strung around surfaces such as gazebos, fences or railings, twinkle lights can provide the perfect addition to just about any hot tub installation.

Jacuzzi Outdoor Living

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