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The Best Patio Furniture to Match Your Spa

OVE Day Bed with blue throw pillows.

Is your hot tub installation missing…something?

If you haven’t considered adding patio furniture to your backyard, now is the time. Hot tubs and swim spas of all shapes and sizes can greatly benefit from having the right patio furniture nearby. And with the amazing quality and long-lasting durability that comes along with the OVE brand, you can enjoy your extended outdoor living space for many years to come.

Dining Set

On a beautiful sunny day, is there a better place to have breakfast, lunch or dinner than on your back patio? Well, with a dining set you can eat all meals of the day in the comfort of your backyard. Keep some late-night snacks at arms reach on your patio table, while the chairs provide a great spot to keep towels, cover-ups and other items while in the spa – reducing risk of injury from leaving items on the ground.

Lounge Area

Keep the conversation flowing – even if everyone isn’t in the hot tub - with a comfortable and stylish lounge area. A set of couches and lounge chairs provide the perfect place for guests to sit and chat with those who wanted to take a soak in the spa – so that nobody misses a beat! All that you need is a few refreshments, appetizers and music to make it the perfect evening.

Day Bed

Have you ever noticed how relaxed you feel when exiting the hot tub? Forget sitting in an uncomfortable chair, go and lay down on your day bed! Large enough for one person to sprawl out comfortably, a couple to cuddle up, or the kids to snuggle in close, day beds are perfect for every member of the family. Not to mention the additional storage area underneath that most day beds offer, so you can store a few pillows, towels and blankets, just in case! Simply adjust the day bed to be at a slight incline if you’re reading or eating or lay it down flat if you would like to take a nap or soak in the warm sunshine.


If you have a few nearby trees that are close to one another, why not hang a hammock? The netting material is perfect for a wet bathing suit, as it won’t retain much of the water if you decide to curl up in your towel or a blanket after a soak. Bring a good book, a cup of tea and some soothing music to create a relaxing atmosphere and self-care ritual for yourself.

Patio Furniture at Jacuzzi Outdoor Living

Are you thinking about adding patio furniture to your outdoor hot tub installation? You’re not alone. Visit our team of backyard leisure experts at Jacuzzi Outdoor Living today for a wide selection of OVE Patio Furniture for sale at our Mission Viejo hot tub and patio furniture store today. Our team of professionals would be more than happy to help you extend your living space outdoors and make the absolute most of your backyard.

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