3 Reasons Why Every Hot Tub Needs a Matching Cover

There’s no doubt about it, your hot tub might look a little incomplete without a matching cover. Although these hot tub accessories are technically optional, very few spa owners opt out of purchasing one. This is due to many reasons, but mainly the benefits that a matching cover offers. Finding a cover that matches your hot tub is actually easier than you might think, not to mention that it can be done at the time of purchase or afterward, although we really do recommend getting the cover at the same time as the hot tub.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the benefits of hot tub covers and why every spa owner needs one.

1. Backyard Safety

Secure your hot tub while you’re not around and create a safer backyard area with a hot tub cover. Nobody wants unsupervised children, wildlife, or trespassers entering the hot tub without their knowledge or supervision, which is where a hot tub cover can really come in handy. Not to mention that many hot tub covers are available with a locking mechanism, allowing you to go the extra mile to achieve peace of mind that nobody will be going into the spa without you knowing about it first.

2. Reduced Costs

Did you know that a hot tub cover can help to reduce operational costs?

That’s right when a cover seals your hot tub, it prevents any air or heat from escaping. This reduces the amount of strain put on the circulation system to heat the water. By trapping the heat inside with the help of a fully-insulated cover, the system will not have to work harder to generate heat and regulate the water, meaning that your operational costs will be reduced.

Looking for other ways to keep your operational costs down and maximize the potential of your energy-efficient hot tub? Take a look at the different modes and temperature settings using the control panel for your Jacuzzi® hot tub. You may find that turning it down a degree or two will help, or leaving it set to an “economy” or “energy-saving” mode will do the trick and help keep costs down.

3. Clean Water

Not only does your hot tub cover help keep the heat in, but it can also keep rainwater, bugs, dirt, and debris out. Although your cover won’t eliminate the need for routine service, water changes, balancing, and overall water care, it can most definitely help to keep the water sparkling and clear of debris that would otherwise enter the water.

Hot Tub Covers in Mission Viejo

Are you thinking about purchasing a hot tub? Or perhaps you’re already the proud owner of a hot tub, but could stand to benefit from the reasons above? No matter the case, visit Jacuzzi Outdoor Living in Mission Viejo for all of your outdoor spa needs. From energy-efficient hot tubs and hot tub parts to covers, cover lifters, and so much more, get in touch with the experts at Jacuzzi Outdoor Living today.

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